Is Satan Writing Your Future? 
Satan uses doubt, distraction, deception and destruction to ensure damnation

As average citizens unsure of their religion beliefs, Satan wants to take them to hell.
Hell is real torment and it is complete separation from the love of our Father in Heaven... forever! These people will be like a dead tree, bearing no good fruit, destroyed and burned.
They will be known by their fruit.

As saved Christians, Satan would love to ruin our testimony and keep us from God's work.
Could saved Christians be so deceived, that they do nothing for their God? There will be no crown. They will not lead people to Christ. They will not share God's grace with anyone. They will be like a dead tree, bearing no good fruit. They will be known by their fruit.

The difference between the two groups: God's love... His grace... our embrace and acceptance of it. Damnation vs. Redemption. If we accept God's loving gift of Jesus and believe Christ died for our sins (past, present, future), we have eternal redemption. If we never do this, we face eternal damnation.

Everyone can choose. God gave us free will.
Love Him and use His gifts to us - or don't.

We need reliance, resolution, revelation and revival to ensure redemption

The Word in the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Not men's words, but God's words. We need to rely on it. We need faith. We need to speak the Word and act on it in faith. We believe it before we see it. We are God's servants and He will use us for good! We need and proclaim this strength. Satan nurtures and cripples with doubt. We need to march forward with RELIANCE on the Word, instead of stumbling around in faithless DOUBT. 

We need to stop being distracted by idols, like priorities, money, stress and time. We need to make a resolution and serve Christ and honor our Father in Heaven. There is not a lot of time to  share salvation through Christ. Satan keeps people busy with all types of stress including wars, division, poverty and tension. We are filled with the Holy Spirit, so who can defeat us? We need RESOLUTION to share God's Word and not fall prey to the DISTRACTION of Satan and the world.

If we are Watchmen, we need to identify the deception in the world and we need to be a light burning brightly for Christ. God has already conquered evil. Our job is to shine for God. Satan loses and we already know that, so let's not be obsessed with that! Let's be concerned with shining the light and hope of Jesus and sharing Him with others! If we hide our candle under the bushel we are submitting to Satan and the world's approval! We must shine brightly and never submit to what the world considers "okay" and we must not abide by Satan's rules. Satan purposely lies, tells people there are other ways to heaven and says there is no God! We can share the REVELATION of God's Word against the DECEPTION Satan tries to overwhelm and confuse us with!

When we see a world going bad and destruction all around us, we can be encouraged in these end times. As one individual person, we can love our neighbor and we can share Christ. Satan says there is no hell, entices with riches, says there is no eternity, causes financial ruin, persecutes and harms people. White robes will be given to those who overcome. We need to be persistent and stand for God. As Christians, individually and as a group, God can use us to  lead a REVIVAL in the midst of DESTRUCTION all around us.

God gave us free will. We make choices in life. We can make good choices or bad choices.
If we choose God and Christ, we choose God's gift and REDEMPTION.
If we choose Satan and the world, we choose God's wrath and DAMNATION.
It is black and white... there is no gray.
God has no tolerance for gray - no middle ground... we are either for Him or against Him.

God is pure holiness and cannot tolerate any evil, no matter how small.
That is why God gave us a gift of love - His Son, Jesus, as the sacrificial lamb... to provide forgiveness for sins of all size and for all time. Without Christ, we are all guilty - none are perfect - no not one. We can't earn it. We can just accept God's love and keep Jesus' commandments: love the Father with all our hearts and love our neighbors. Each day, the choice is simple:

Satan will start to fight and fight hard, because he only has a little time left.
How prepared are you? How strong are you in your faith? Will something in the future shake your faith? Will you feel like a grasshopper and overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit? Will you shine or hide? If something really horrible happens and really seems confusing or devastating, do you have the rock of the Word to stand firm on? Read the Bible today and every day. Arm yourself with truth, be brave, choose good and be the vessel God can use!



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