Nobody said life would be fair. Our Constitution guarantees the right to pursue happiness. Everyone can strive to reach their goals and live their dreams. Some will succeed and some will fail. Some will give up and some will try again.

We can’t let what happens in the world affect us as individuals.

If we prioritize with God first, family second, country third and job fourth, for instance, we can balance our lives. Nothing will get us down because God uses all things for good. We can’t always see it at the moment, but in time we see it come to pass. The things we dreaded initially become events in life that are blessings. We don’t always know what is best for our lives, but our Father in Heaven does. If we bring all things to Him in prayer, and act in faith, what can go wrong?

We are in this world, but we are not of this world.

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Should we throw out everything that disappoints us?

What happens when we throw out something that breaks, something that makes us angry or someone who disappoints us?

We need to repair things that break to save money. We need to control our anger in traffic instead of resorting to road rage. We need to work hard to work things out with our spouses instead of resorting to divorce.

If we treat others the way they treat us, nobody will see us as a “light” shining in the darkness. We will not appear to be the lighthouse beacon in the storm. When life becomes extremely difficult in the future, people will depend on us. We will know how to live and be the example of Christ-like love.

Should we be angry
all of the time?

What happens when we think,
act, speak and view the world
in anger?

We basically show everyone
that we have no hope.

Our heart is angry and the things we say and do reflect this angry heart.

We all have so many, many things to be thankful for and if we look around in the world we can be “guilted” into realizing we are very fortunate to live the life we have. Things could be so much worse. We have hope.

If the Holy Spirit lives in us, how happy are we making Him? How close are we to the Father, in the angry frame of mind?

Moment by moment and day by day we need to be calm. Being angry will not solve anything. If we are like every other angry person in the world, what makes us an example - and convinces others to live a victorious Christian life like us?

Is it true that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?

What happens when we overcome insurmountable obstacles?
We feel a sense of achievement and we can better handle the next situation that comes along.

We are like the marble being sculpted by a great artist. Little rough edges and imperfections are removed. We are polished and we shine.

God brings us to an understanding of a problem, through a problem or removes the problem. He never leaves us. Never. We might leave Him for a time, but He does not walk away from us.

With the Holy Spirit in us, the Father watching us and Jesus dying and rising again for us - we are pretty important and we are loved by God. What can possibly happen that we cannot handle? We will overcome. We will be victorious.
We will become great soldiers for God.

Ps 118:24 This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice
and be glad in it.

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